If you really want it well-cleaned!

Cleaning company Colonia works for businesses and individuals in and around Amsterdam. We have many satisfied customers: offices and restaurants as well as private addresses.
Personal contact

You always know exactly who will clean your place.

Tailor-made approach

We make a cleaning plan according to your wishes.

Affordable quality

Colonia delivers good service at a reasonable price.

The people behind Colonia

We’re glad to help you in person!
Gertrud Weidenbruch
Gertrud Weidenbruch
+31 6 18 18 80 78
If you’re interested, let’s make an appointment. I always come over in person, to get acquainted and make an offer.
Suhail M. Baig
Suhail M. Baig
+31 6 6 44 60 40 50
When our customers are satisfied, my day is good. And I’m happy to say that almost all my days are good!

What our customers say

Klanten Cafe Amsterdam de Pasteibakkerij Sterren van de Hemel Westwing Franks smokehouse Klevering Pritle Le Hollandais

More information or an appointment?

We will gladly visit you to make an offer. Call or email us for an appointment:

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